Status reports on the Social Science Wars

Stars Wars exposes the Polish secret flying ships

02/17/2015 15:58

Book-002 analysis  report by Herb Zinser reviews the STAR WAR military codes used in the SCIENCE battle to recapture EARTH.

The astronomy war that began around year 1610 continues to this day in year 2015. 
In year 1616,  the EARTH defense project was titled: GALILEO the DEFENDER in honor of his position as an intellectual military general in the MILKY WAY galactic WAR. 

The 400 year GALILEO ASTRONOMY WAR is a well-kept secret. 
Now astronomy intellectual warriors are needed.
Amateur astronomy individuals, astrophysics students, and science professors are needed to provide the new leadership and vigor to complete this project.


Let's look at some published  military codes ............   that require translation to acquire  intelligence value.



Rogue Planet (Star Wars  codes about EARTH military affairs):
 Greg Bear: 9780345435408 ... › ... › Science Fiction › Adventure, Inc.
Rating: 3.4 - ‎202 reviews
Rogue Planet is a 2000 novel set in the Star Wars galaxy.
It is a prequel novel occurring after the events of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. The book was written by Greg Bear. 
Above,  the emphasis upon the SYMBOL & LANGUAGE wars in newspapers  ...and the usage of word commands  to control the human brain computer SYMBOL PROCESSOR.... that is   .....  to control  you.
To retain control of your MIND you need  the help of the SYMBOL MACHINE.
Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE is comprised of  nouns, verbs, concepts, math equations,  flowcharts, etc.  The ideas found in math and science textbooks are part of the SYMBOL MACHINE.  You may purchase  those textbooks at any college bookstore or order them from your local bookstore.  These , become your frames of reference   ... to help your subconscious mind   understand what you read. 

Maps and Territories - Rijnlandmodel

Language in Thought and Action, S.I. Hayakawa.
Chapter 2 Symbols Maps and Territories
There is a sense in which we all live in two worlds.

Returning to STAR WAR's military codes  .... codes and concepts  to help  your brain SYMBOL PROCESSOR  military defense system ..... defend itself against bull-stories and incomplete explanations ...........
Line 4 words -->  The Magister spoke --> subset --> The Mag --> implies the magnetic field.
The North Pole magnetic field flows lines interact with  the iron in your body.
The Earth magnetic field flows line are like magnetic computer tape.
As the magnetic field line flow thru your body ..they interact with your iron and its thoughts...  giving magnetic data field flow lines filled with thoughts.  The North and South Pole magnetic field has a particular attraction for Poles  ..human Poles in Poland, Europe or the Chicago-American Poles.
Thus the planet (EARTH) forms a unity with the Polish human  ... a SYMBOL PROCESSOR.
above Page 254 code --> 2  and 54  --> 
2 implies the Heme Group Fe(2) ion 

Hemoglobin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hemoglobin has an oxygen-binding capacity of 1.34 mL O2 per gram, which increases ..... The iron atom in the heme group must initially be in the ferrous (Fe2+) ...
54 implies the Iron-54 isotope message 
Above words
-->  I could feel that myself --> codes... m  --> fill in the  blank 
............... feel... atom   --> expand code ..feel 
................fe electron atoms 
Thus the have the message of the Polish shipyards .....  about the  interaction of iron SOLIDS  with the NORTH POLE magnetic data field.

History of Solidarity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For the history of other organizations of the same name, see Solidarity ...... Solidarności · Silver Coin Marks the 30th Anniversary of Poland's Solidarity Movement
Solidarity, Polish Solidarność, officially Independent Self-Governing Trade Union “Solidarity” or Polish Niezależny Samorzd Związków Zawodowych “Solidarność”Polish trade union that in the early 1980s became the first independent labour union in a country belonging to the Soviet bloc. Solidarity was founded in September 1980, was forcibly suppressed by the Polish government in December 1981, and reemerged in 1989 to become the first opposition movement to participate in free elections in a Soviet-bloc nation 
Thus we have Polish ships ...... at the Lenin Shipyards (now Gdańsk Shipyards) at its founding by ... NATURE's social engineering systems

History of Solidarity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The history of Solidarity a Polish non-governmental trade union, began on 14 August 1980, at the Lenin Shipyards (now Gdańsk Shipyards) at its founding by ...
Thus we have data fields ..... ..  magnetic filed data ships flying the the atmosphere ..Polish verison.
Of course, we have the well-known NORTH POLE magneic field life form  ..... Santa   Claus 




In Arabic countries ....their version  










My feet are on ground. I am a down to EARTH individual.

Who are you?