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08/09/2015 17:54

The Nikola Tesla ECHO signature of the 1968 cz.ECHO.slovakia Prague spring uprising

RD-blog-number-6145 by Herb Zinser  reviews the Nikola Tesla  ECHO wars  and the cover-up by Department  of Justice and the Department of Energy  .... as revealed by the Boston Marathon bombing trial and the deliberate omission of vast amounts of evidence from the...


08/02/2015 05:33

Chuck Norris explains the Texas hydrocarbon molecule RANGE that reaches Norris Hall, Virginia.

RD-blog number-607 by Herb Zinser reviews the Texas hydrocarbon molecule  ..... social science  expression sytem  using CH = Carbon Hydrogen atomic symbols assigned to television mass communications  agent CH = CHUCK Norris   ...that is atomic mass ..mass...


07/18/2015 19:38

Water continuum (Waco) WAR of April 19, 1993 continuation --> April 19, 2013 Watertown, Massachusetts TRIAL

Rd-blog-number-5950 by Herb Zinser reviews the citizen appoval of the rigged Federal judical system  .. that uses newspaper reporter data manipulation tricks,  ommission of critical evidence from criminal trials, etc.   For example,  the water molecule continuum TRIALs began...


07/12/2015 16:06

The Waco cosine wave shootout over the phase difference with religious sin waves

     Rd-blog-number-5891  by Herb Zinser looks at the  astrophysics Kerr factors wars on EARTH  and the Twin Peaks cosine battle in Waco, Texas VERSUS Waco religious sin waves.    The phase  difference caused a shooting battle.   Hawking...


07/02/2015 05:02

The Thomas Jefferson living Constitution CONTROL SYSTEM battle at University of Virginia

Rd-blog-number-5856 by Herb Zinser reviews the living Constitution expression at the University of Virginia  VIA  control systems messenger Hannah Graham.   Living Constitution - Wikipedia, the free...


06/16/2015 08:49

Star Trek book helps explain EM murder systems

Book-59 by Herb Zinser looks at subset messages that are embedded with the story of a Star Trek book.       The code words --> NEW Frontier --> subset  code -->  tier --> tiers / levels of existence and perception.       The above words -->...


06/11/2015 05:07

Book translations - Star Trek New Frontier ... SOLAR SYSTEM codes

Book-60 by Herb Zinser looks at some of the secret codes embedded as subset messages within the book.   In this blog post, we aree interested in the Solar System messages that apply to events AND activites on earth. We see the system information flowchart ..... with the sequence of...


05/30/2015 21:23

Electric motor POLE SHOES help explain TOE theory (Theory of Everything)

Theory of everything - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A theory of everything (TOE) or final theory, ultimate theory, or master theory is a hypothetical single, all-encompassing, coherent theoretical framework of physics...


05/23/2015 20:53

The stem word --> fer --> the brain fermentation HIERARCHY PROBLEM at FermiLAB

Rd-blog-number-5657 by Herb Zinser reviews Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE  communication WAR with FermiLAB and the various world Federal governments and their  approval of citizen errors.   The periodic atomic table of elements of life and thought AND the molecular thought systems and their...


05/14/2015 08:24

The Earth data LINK at latitude 41 provides Solar System 360/370 with business feedback information

RD-blog-number-5583 by Herb Zinser reviews the Solar System data processing architecture of  9 planets (8 data bit planets and 1 error checking parity bit planet named EARTH).   RAM parity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Wikipedia RAM...